Hand Chain Block


MIT here comes with another great creation which is the hand chain blocks. Different series of these devices have been launched which are compact and light weight along with low headroom for installation. These are light weight portable devices that make carrying and handling of weight easily. It comes with a large number of exceptional features which makes it more consummate and powerful than other lifting devices. The features and properties that elevate the quality of this device are listed as below:


The hand chain block has some classic features which are:

  • Portability - When it comes to carrying a weight lifting device many devices are very hard to carry due to their large and heavy weight. But this device is easily portable and can be easily carried anywhere.
  • Light Weight - We can easily carry weight with the help of weight lifting devices but when it comes to carrying weight lifting devices itself, the job becomes quite tedious. But this range has a light weight which can be easily lifted and carried.
  • Multi-Purpose Work - The other good part about this device is that there is no restriction to its use as hand chain block by MIT hoist can be use at multiple factories and in multiple fields like agricultural, storages for fixing machines and loading & unloading.
  • No Power Supply - The best thing about these hoists is that they don’t require a power supply to work. This means that weight lifting, loading, and unloading can be achieved even when there is no power supply. So, now there is no need to wait for power for lifting up the weight.
  • The Appearance - Apart from all these features, it has another good feature of not having an ugly experience rather quite a beautiful one. This makes it of more use as carrying, handling or keeping it is not going to look ugly anymore.

The Bottom Line:

These hoists are perfect for use and have many extra features and advantages added to it. So, choose them and use them because you deserve the best.

  • MCH-A series chain block

  • MCH-B series chain block

  • MCH-V series chain block