Hand Lever Block


MIT hoists and cranes come up with another wonderful weightlifting device that has a beautiful appearance. The hand lever block newly introduced by MIT works without power supply and had a great deal of safety and durability. It provides good suspension and has a long lasting reliability. This one is simply perfect and MIT cranes and hoists have further made it more pleasant by adding some fantastic features to it described below.


Some of the great features of hand lever block that have made it popular and user-friendly are:

  • The Appearance - MIT hoists and cranes have a beautiful appearance that gives pleasure to the user who uses it. It has a good looking body that makes its user feel happy about it.
  • No Power Supply - Devices that can work in the absence of power supply have the major demand in today’s era. At this time these hoists are very useful as they don’t require power supply source to work, and can be used in different fields like ship building, post office, mine, electric power and transportation units.
  • The Protective Drew - MIT cranes and hoists have developed this device keeping in mind the customer’s needs and feedback. This hoist is thus fulfilling various demands of customers that include ideally shaped hydraulic drew cases that have the capability to withstand external shocks.
  • Load Chain Guide - It has a new load chain guide that ensures proper fitting of the load sheave and also protects it from dirt. It also protects it from getting wet thus creating a protective layer around.
  • Hook Opening Dimension - Along with the wonderful and good looking body it has a wide hook opening dimension that makes it powerful and ensures a stronger life to it.

Getting Started

This is another wonderful device that allows weight lifting. It is beautiful, portable and easy to handle. The protective drive, load chain guide and much more is all that you can get here. All this adds more to this device and gives you a number of reasons to use it. So, hurry up and go get started with this new wonderful device.

  • MLH-A series Lever Block

  • MLH-V series Lever Block

  • MLH-D series Lever Block