Manual Chain Hoist


MIT hoist & cranes continue with their excellent creations and here come the new manual chain hoist which are portable and can be easily carried and operated with hands. While on most of the things man has to depend on a machine this manual chain hoist depends on man for weight lifting which can be easily and perfectly done. MIT hoist and cranes have this excellent series of manual chain hoist which makes carrying and handling easy. It has some adorable qualities and classic features described as below:


  • It is light weight with low headroom which makes its installation and handling very easy and comfortable.
  • It is a portable device which can be easily operated with hand.
  • It has been manufactured in such a way that the same device can be used in various fields like and factories like agricultural, production and storage of fixing machines.
  • The same manual chain hoist can also be used for lifting cargos and loading goods.
  • The nest feature is that it does not need a power supply which makes the user carry out lifting even when there is no power supply.
  • These are small as compared to other weight lifting devices and are light at the weight. This feature has made them highly usable.
  • These devices are very strong and have a long life.
  • The lever chain hoist are protected by hydraulic drew cases which are shaped in such a manner that it will show resistance to external shocks.

Appearance & Design

Apart from so many attractive features this hoist also has a wonderful and attractive appearance that seems beautiful to the user. It has a good body which adds more to its beauty factor. Its presence does not make the user feel sad about but instead feel happy as it looks exceptionally beautiful at its appearance, although it is a weight lifting hoist.

Time To Use These Hoist

MIT helps people in a wonderful manner by these two hoist which are very useful to man and which carries with them all the qualities of portability, beauty, and durability. So, use them and lift the weight even when there is no power.