Flat Webbing Sling


Web Sling & Chain Sling

MIT now comes with some different products of a new category which is the web sling and the chain sling. These slings are highly durable and allow flexibility as per the requirements. These slings are highly versatile with rotated hook and load points. These are also being used and loved by customers all over due to some of the classic features it possess which are described below as:


Raw Material

These are made up of top quality polyester which offers them a great deal of durability and toughness. This will make the user of the slings easy and will make them resistant to any kind of damage.

Endless Sheath

This newly added characteristic has made this product simply terrific. It has two-layer endless sheath which gives you another reason as to why you should go for it.

Less Elongation

Unlike other low quality slings, this web sling which is manufactured by MIT hoists and cranes possess less elongation which increases their strength and life. Hence, these can be used for a longer time as compared to the others.

Load Bearing

It has a good limit of load bearing which depends on the international color code. Hence, by just looking at the color of the chain sling you can calculate the load bearing and select the one which accomplishes your needs.

Special Designs

Apart from all these excellent features, it has another one which is of special designs. And these designs will depend on lifting up the circle goods. Hence, along with the enormous features it also has a classic design.


The length of the product is according to the user’s comfort and choice which ranges from 1-20m. It can also be extended more than 20m if the user wants.

So Get These Wonderful Slings

These slings have wonderful features that make it simply exceptional and terrific. So use this wonderful slings and take all the advantages associated with it.

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  • Endless flat webbing sling