Electric Chain Hoist


Electric Chain Hoist: Lifting till 35 tons:

MIT cranes and Hoist now come with another interesting and all new electric chain Hoist that will carry weight now more easily. Weight lifting is now going to be lighter than ever before by using the all new technologies and advancement in cranes. The increased durability and safety are some of the extended features which have made this even more powerful. Now, you can easily lift from 500 kg to 35 tons of weight will complete safety and comfort with the MIT electric chain Hoist. Some other features added to this Hoist are:

Lighter Than Ever Before

Many times what happens is that the weight of the electric Hoist seems heavier than weight to be lifted. This problem has now been overcome by introducing the new chain Hoist with the lightest and minimum possible weight possible.

Lift Anything, Anywhere

The other excellent feature about the Hoist is that now they can lift any weight and are easier to carry anywhere. The new compact design has now made their carrying and handling easy which has allowed the user to:

  • Lift material of choice
  • Carry the hoist anywhere
  • Lifting anything anywhere

New Technical Advancements

Many new technologies have been introduced with electric Hoist which have lead to a great degree of advancements and enhancements in its efficiency and production stated below as:

  • The increased cycle of durability, that will make your hoist more durable, rough and tough that will resist to any kind of disastrous damage.
  • Motorized and manual trolley with hook suspension that will make the weight lifting easier and even 500 kg will seem 5 kg to the user.
  • Specially engineered bracket that will give a protective cover to it
  • Increased safety with two-trolley design that will make it safer and easier to handle the hoist
  • A new friction clutch with an upper and lower limit that will help in smooth and glib conduction of the hoist, with user-adjustable friction level
  • A new safety enhanced electro-magnetic brake that will help to break the process immediately after the process is completed.

All these new features and technical advancements have made this chain Hoist better than ever before which has increased the customer comfort of handling and using.

Enjoying The Benefits

Hence, now its time to take complete benefit of these new Hoist and enjoy the privilege associated with it. The new generation Hoist are here to lift anything and anywhere for you all you need to do is get associated with MIT Hoist and cranes and get them today. So, go run and get it and lift with ease than ever before.

  • ES series Electric Chain Hoist 500kg to 5Ton

  • ES series Electric Chain Hoist 7.5Ton

  • ES series Electric Chain Hoist 10Ton

  • ES series Electric Chain Hoist 15Ton to 35Ton

  • SK series Electric Chain Hoist 1Ton to 5Ton

  • Compact series Electric Chain Hoist 1Ton to 5Ton

  • Low head-room series Electric Chain Hoist 1Ton to 7.5Ton

  • Low head-room series Electric Chain Hoist 10Ton to 20Ton

  • Explosion Proof hoist 1Ton to 35Ton

  • Stage Hoist