Electric Chain Hoist

Stage Hoist

MIT theatrical chain hoists were designed using the latest technology for handling stage and theatrical equipment. These high quality, low-headroom, full-featured hoists provide reliable performance for use in theaters, concert halls, arenas and studios.

Detail specification :
  • Electromagnetic brake: Current-driven electromagnetic brake produces strong braking power, securely holding a load.
  • Friction clutch: As an emergency overload protectio to slip the force from the motor in such lifting an anchored object.
  • Upper-lower limit switch: Simplified tructure - stops the hoist at both ends of the hook path as a double safety mechanism with Friction clutch.
  • External motor fan: Aluminum die-cast motor frame with external motor fan reduces rise in heating during frequent operation.
  • Gears: Helical gears reduces operating noise.
  • Aluminum die-cast body: Tough body
  • Phase Error Relay:A specially designed electric board prevents motor from running at it reverse phased.
  • Load Chain: FEC Grade 80 case hardned alloy steel chain, endures harsh conditions such as rain, salt water and chemicals.
  • Load Hook: Hot forget high tensile steel, rigid and durable, 360° swvel, fitting with safety latch to assure safe lifting.
  • Push Button Pendant: Protection class IP65. Fully water-proof and insulated, offers light weight and durability.
  • Low Voltage control: Power to Pendant control reduced to 24V,36V,or 48V low voltage for safer operation.

Technical Parameters

Single Speed

  • Lifting Motor
  • Power Supply
  • Travelling Motor

Size Specification