Electric Chain Hoist

ES series Electric Chain Hoist 500kg to 5Ton

MIT electric chain hoists provide the cycle, durability and ease of operation needed to support any heavy lifting application. It is avilable for hook suspension manual trolley and motorized trolley, the Capacity range has: 500KG hoist, 1Ton hoist, 2Ton hoist, 3Ton hoist, 5Ton hoist.

Detail specification :
  • Motor Housing: Aluminum alloy casting, features rigid structure and light weight. Totally enclosed construction, withstands harsh conditions such as chemical and electro-plating enviroments , etc.
  • Motor: The lifting motor and travelling motor are Vacuum painted, the insulation class is F.
  • Motor Break: The side magnetic break device makes instant break as soon as the electric power cut off, to make sure the safety loading.
  • Limit Switch: Up/Down Limit switch fitted as both top and botton ends, shuts off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out.
  • Contactor: High performance non-fuse circuit breakers allow frequent trouble.
  • Phase Error Relay: A specially designed electric board prevents motor from running at it reverse phased.
  • Load Chain: FEC Grade 80 case hardned alloy steel chain, endures harsh conditions such as rain, salt water and chemicals.
  • Load Hook: Hot forget high tensile steel, rigid and durable, 360° swvel, fitting with safety latch to assure safe lifting.
  • Push Button Pendant: Protection class IP65. Fully water-proof and insulated, offers light weight and durability.
  • Transformer: Power to Pendant control reduced to 24V,36V,or 48V low voltage for safer operation.

Technical Parameters

Single Speed

  • Lifting Motor
  • Power Supply
  • Travelling Motor

Motor Insulation Grade : F
Control Voltage option: 24V, 36V, 48V

Dual Speed

  • Lifting Motor
  • Power Supply
  • Travelling Motor