Electric Wire Rope Hoist


MIT Hoist & Cranes have come up with another wonderful creation of electric wire rope hoist that will further add ease in weight listing and suspension. Many new technical changes have been introduced with this technology that comprises of CD1/M1 and ML series. When it comes to extra heavy lifting and multiple lift points, these are simply perfect. The features and design that make it perfect are described below:


  • Can be used on any kind of cranes including single girder bridge crane, double girder bridge crane and gantry crane. This provides flexibility with its use and ensures the increased utilization of hoist.
  • These are small in size which is easy to carry and handle everywhere from anywhere.
  • It offers smoothness of operation that makes it more comfortable for the user and ensures easy operation. This feature of these hoist has made them popular worldwide.
  • It is very efficient when comes to lifting of materials freely suspended within its load ratings.

All these above mentioned features adds to the quality and use of this classic range of wire rope hoist which are designed and manufactured by MIT Hoist & Cranes. Lifting up the weight and weight suspension is now fun with the hoist of MIT cranes and hoist.

The Design

There are some magnificent features which have been included in the design of these hoist as described below:

  • The frame and the cover of hoist are manufactured from steel. This ensures structural integrity making it strong and tough.
  • The frame and the control enclosure consist of a new cover which protects them from disastrous weather conditions. It also protects them from dust and water.

Getting Started With The Hoist

This all new series of rope hoist is being loved by people all over and has extremely terrific features that add more quality to it. So, get ready for easy suspension and adventurous weight lifting as this is going to be fun.

  • CD1/MD1 series wire rope hoists

  • ML series wire rope hoists