Lever Block

MLH-A series Lever Block

The MLH-A series lever block is protable and beautiful apperance, small manual force, safety and reliabilidty, it is widely used in occasion without power source such as ship building , post office, mines, electric power and transportation units in heavy goods suspending equipment fixing.

Detail specification :
  • Steel Cover: Gear cover and brake cover are fabricated from pre-formed steel providing a rugged structure to resist shocks and bumps.
  • Load Chain: Grade 80 alloy steel chain conforms to ISO specifications.
  • Chain Stopper: Prevents load chain from falling out upon reaching maximum lift.
  • Load Chain Guide: Insures accurate feeding of load chain onto load sprocket and assists in protecting the load sprocet from debris and moisture.
  • Hand Wheel: Allows adjustment of very light loads or slack chain prior to engaging ratchet.
  • Load Brake: Regardless of load induced the asbestos-free load brake will hold the load and is designed for long lift.
  • Dual Ratchet Pawls: For added safety dual ratchet pawls are installed.
  • Upper and Lower Hooks: 360 degree free swiveling forged steel hooks are equipped with safety latches.

Technical Parameters