Manual hand winch

Wire Rope Puller (WRP series)

MIT WPR series wire rope puller is compact, high strength aluminum housing, lightweight,, high strength aluminium housing, smooth contour design with a large, flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working positions, widely used in different work places.

Features :
  • Tested to 150% of rated load
  • Rugged construction for heavy duty work
  • Compact and light for easy use and operation
  • Excellent for precise positioning
  • Used for any height of lift or length of pull
  • Can be operated in any position and direction
  • Extra shear pins come with unit
  • Lightweight manual winches - Simple and safe to operate.
  • Compact high-strength.
  • Corrosion free aluminium alloy housing - Steel version available on request.
  • Usable at horizontal, vertical and angled working positions.
  • Rope clamp system - Easily disengaged, allowing for smooth installation of wire rope.
  • Equipped with an anchor bolt - Offers numerous connection possibilities.
  • Overload protection - Built in with a shearing pin in the forward lever.
  • Spare shear pins - Located in the telescopic carrying handle.
  • Steel wire - Can be fed through two sets of wear resistant interlocking jaws by a single lever operation.
  • Parallel clamping system - With a large surface area, providing evenly distributed grip at a lower force, resulting in less rope wear.
  • Individually serial numbered for traceability.

Technical Parameters